Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your hours?

A. We are typically open Tuesday - Saturday 12pm to 5pm, but we sometimes have special hours that we will announce.

Q. Where are you located?

A. 1530 Winchester Ave, Suite 209, Ashland, KY 41101, in the Camayo Arcade building downtown. 

Q. Do you buy cards?

A. Yes, we do purchase cards. We prefer to buy locally. We tend to stay away from mid 1980s-1990s cards, but there are some exceptions.  

Q. Do you grade cards?

A. No, we do not grade cards. Some of the companies we prefer are PSA, Beckett, SGC.  Here's a guide we did about grading:  

Grading Tips

Q. Is my card worth anything?

A. eBay is a great way to see real-time what your card is selling for. Search your card, click on the sold/recently completed tab.  Sometimes the current auction pricing can be misleading, so don't trust it!